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Automatic Temperature Scanner

Thristor/Contactor Switched APFC System

Automatic Temperature Scanner

Maximum 3 relay outputs are given for alarm & trip controls. Channel grouping optional and control modes are programmable. The Scanner scans all the channels continuously on the background while displaying and generates the alarm & trip outputs after comparison with respective settings. The scanner has two modes of operation: 1. Operator Level and, 2. Superior Level

Temperature scanner model no. GB-ATS-08 is capable to measure and control the temperature upto 12 input channel. It accepts temperature sensors like RTDs, Thermocouple, mV and mA signals from Transmitters. The Scanner is completely user programmable like High/Low set point control action, auto/Manual operation, channel grouping, hold, pause etc.

The Scanner is a single board construction with the latest integrated circuit, so as to reduce component counts. Fast A/D converter is used for quick refreshing of all the channels input and output. Digital Zero / Span calibration eliminates trim pot adjustments and settings are made through key pad.


  • Input Current Connections at ACE 357C: Screw type connectors are available on ACE 357C for input current termination.
  • Parameter for MFM meter ACE 357C: All parameters of ACE 357 are applicable for ACE 357C
  • Optional Features of ACE 357C: A) MODBUS (RS-485) B) 1 Relay output (As Pulse or Limit switch)
  • Screw Type Connectors


  • Wide operating voltage range (150-300 VAC)
  • Display - 20*4 liquid crystal (LCD)
  • Operating temperature - 0-50 C
  • Resolution -0.1 C
  • 7- Key two level programming.
  • 3 potential free relay outputs for alarm, trip and watchdog function
  • Front panel led indication for alarm and trip conditions As well as watchdog
  • Up to 12 universal inputs
  • Accuracy ±1% FSD
  • Individual set point for Alarm and Trip
  • RS-232 interface windows based software to analysis of data (optional)
  • Front panel selection and calibration