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Thyristor Switched Module (TSM)

Thristor/Contactor Switched APFC System
Thristor/Contactor Switched APFC System

Thyristor Switched Module (TSM)

TSM is a well established technology that is primarily used to reduce transfer reactance, most notably in bulk transmission corridors. The result is a significant increase in the transient and voltage stability in transmission systems.Thyristor Switched Module enables rapid dynamic modulation of the inserted reactance. At interconnection points between transmission grids, this modulation will provide strong damping torque on inter-area electromechanical oscillations.

TSM Principle

There are two main principles supporting TSM technology.

1. First, the TSM provides electromechanical damping between large electrical systems by modulating the reactance of one or more specific interconnecting power lines. In other words, the TSM will provide a variable capacitive reactance.

2. Second, the Thyristor Switched Module/ TSM will change its apparent impedance (as seen by the line current) for subsynchronous frequencies in such a way that a potential subsynchronous resonance is avoided.

The TSM achieves both objectives by using control algorithms that work concurrently. The controls will function on the thyristor circuit.

TSM technology

From a principal technology point of view, the TSM resembles the conventional series capacitor. The power equipment is located on an isolated steel platform, including the thyristor valve used to control the inductor in parallel with the capacitor bank. The inductor is placed on support insulators outside the platform. Control and protection systems are located on ground potential, together with other auxiliary systems.

A thyristor-switched module (TSM) is used for compensating dynamic ,rapidly varying reactive power in electrical power systems. It consists of a power capacitor connected in series with a bidirectional thyristor semiconductor power devices and, usually, a current limiting reactor.

A TSM is usually a three-phase assembly, connected either in a delta or a star arrangement. Unlike the TCR, a TSM generates no harmonics during switching as well as during operation.

Low voltage TSM automatic capacitor banks (Thyristor switched module) improves power factor in systems with variable energy demand and non-linear loads, therefore, with variable reactive load needs. Automatic capacitor banks remove power factor charges of the electricity bill and reduce the losses of electrical equipment and wiring by improving power factor and filtering harmonics. Thyristor switched module banks TSM provide a cost-effective, user friendly, reliable solution for power factor correction. They are a more efficient alternative to individual motor capacitors, especially in large industrial facilities.

Thristor/Contactor Switched APFC System
Thristor/Contactor Switched APFC System

With the help of our expert team members, we have been able to offer a wide range of Thyristor Switches. These are engineered using top quality raw materials which further ensure robustness and dimensional accuracy. Our devices are compact sized and acclaimed for their surpassed quality and high functional efficiency. These are admired for their consistent performance and reliability.


  • System raged voltage: 400V to 600V available
  • Stage Kvar: 5, 10, 12.5, 15, 20, 25, 30, 40, 50, 60 Kvar
  • Control Supply: 240V, 415V +/- 10%, 50hz, <10VA
  • External signal: 2 options are as 12 Volt dc and 25 Volt dc.


  • Strong & rigid construction
  • Supreme quality
  • Highly reliable
  • High performance <10VA
  • Perfect strength