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Sun Light Controlled Street Light

Thristor/Contactor Switched APFC System
Thristor/Contactor Switched APFC System

Sun Light Controlled Street Light

Pole mounted street light fitting with Light-Emitting Diode:- Solid-state light fittings are with simplified headpiece structure, excellent heat dissipation solution, natural beauty, perfect performance with special optical lens, high brightness LED and other high quality electronic components are all combined & Assembled into one unit to give maximum light output. It operates in a solid state i.e. there are no movable parts or chemicals used to produce light. Important components are the LED, the driver and the lens. Temperature control & heat dissipation from the junction is such designed that the efficiency and longevity of LED lamps is high & desired.

LED lamp fittings with effective heat dissipation, High & long lasting lumens output performance, is unique solution in power saving field. Dimensions & weight of the fittings is as per wattage capacity .Construction type is Waterproof, Sealed with gasket, useful for outdoor duty applications, manufactured in Die-casting aluminum material with tamper proof glass Lamp Holding hook, fastened by screws & proper arrangement of fixing to give wide angle light spreading.


  • Available in 18w/24w/36w/60w/120 watts
  • LED Light is Clear White, Milky, Pleasant Light
  • Light intensity is same in watt power
  • IP-55 Degree of Protection for all fittings
  • NO Emision of carbon or formation of chemical gases while generating light
  • Complete natural source of light
  • All light fittings with solar cutoff
  • All light fitting with Energy saving mode circuit


Light Source

1W high-brightness LED WITH CAPACITY-90 Lux/watts is used                    

Power of LEDs

24W, Total power consumption 30W.     

Light Color

Pure White, Warm White Color


5500-7000 cal/3000-4000cal. Luminous flux of LED 90Lm/W.

Total Luminous Flux

4860Lm Illuminance


23-25Lux/ 8Mtr. 18-20Lux/10Mtr.

Light Beam Angle

120 degree

Input Voltage     

240V (50HZ) converted to DC 24volt through SMPS Supply.

LED Working Current

350mA LED working voltage DC24V Time programmed

Power Saving Mode     

Full power before midnight, half power after midnight automatically


50000 Hours, 50times of lifetime than halogen lamp, 15 times of lifetime than Sodium Lamp shell


Minimum 50000 working hours